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Improve Your Reading Skills In English

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This page contains links to some of the best and most interesting free reading activities and tests on the internet. They are arranged according to the levels: easy, intermediate and advanced. And when you've done those you might want to test your aptitude for speed reading by doing the test here. All of the below reading links are based on interesting stories and are  highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their reading skills in preparation for English exams such as Cambridge PET, FCE and CAE!
Elementary / Pre-Intermediate:
  •  Colorado Fire (a story about a bad fire, which you can read, listen to, and then answers questions about)
  •  Dinosaurs (a text and audio file about the Tyrannosaurus Rex with activities)
 More Elementary Reading Activities coming Soon!
  • Marijuana (a great listening and reading activity based on the controversial subject of cannabis)
  • The Email Man (a short text, which you can read and listen to, and then follow up with some exercises)
  • The Abortion Pill (a short reading text on a controversial subject with audio file and activities)
  • The Carpet Fitter  (a timed reading exercise about a person who fits carpets for a living)
More Intermediate Level Reading Texts and Activities Coming Soon!
  • Computers and Girls (an article from CNN together with vocabulary and multiple choice exercises)
  • Christmas in England (learn about Christmas in England by reading an article and then answer some comprehension questions)
  • The Internet (another recommended text which comes with accompanying questions)
  • Sports (a short historical text about sports fever with reading based exercises)

The English Online Reading Room

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the English Online Reading Room


English Club - Рассказы известных и неизвестных писателей на английском языке

Children's Books On-Line

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